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Welcome to the MK Ranch

Welcome on the brand new website of MK ranch, the only ranch which is specialized about English riding in the whole country ! Come to discover our beautiful facilities, our many sport and leisure horses, and immerse yoursefl in the life of a real British clubhouse !

Competition news

We use to organize regularly some English riding competitions in our ranch : our visitors come from all over the country to watch our show jumping or dressage prospect competitions, that we are the only ranch to organize. In this section, you will be able to find all the information about these competitions : we put at your disposal the planning of the horse riding contests, and we give you all the information you need to attend one of our English riding competitions. Moreover, you will be allowed to find many articles about the different international English riding competitions : we keep you informed of the latest news about horse riding in your region, but also in the whole country and even in the entire world.

Tips and tricks

The English riding has its own specificities, and it is often abandoned in favour of traditional western riding. That is why it may be difficult to practice this kind of sport in the United Stades of America. Because English riding is not always ease, find in this section many tips and tricks to make your life easier : we especially give you a lot of advice to choose the best English riding equipment, and some adresses to find all you could need at lowest cost. And because horse riding is a sport made to be shared and spread above all, you will also find a discussion forum, where you will be able to chat online with millions of other English riding passionate riders : it is the occasion for you to share your advice and your horse rider lifehacks with the community, and never be alone anymore with your daily problems !

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