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The purpose and use of an english saddle

English saddles are most common since they are used for all disciplines, indeed some are designed for jumping, others for dressage, and finally there is even a saddle mixed (or versatile), which is used to do different relaxation disciplines. It weighs on average, depending on the size and type of the saddle sometimes between three and four kilograms.

Advantages of using an English saddle

English saddles such as dressage saddle, has this advantage that the horse’s shoulder has a free movement while the deeper seat for the rider is necessary. It has longer flaps and for the purpose allows necessary longer leg position. It is also used for its long billet straps which permits the girth to be buckled near the point of the horse’s elbow rather than behind the elbow and under the rider’s leg.

Buying a used saddle

If you have decided to choose the half pad saddle, then you will save some money by buying a second hand saddle. The half pad saddle is often used for its softness that offers additional headrest for your horse’s backs. With its pretty colors that contrast your saddle pad so beautifully. Buying used english saddles for sale is a much smaller investment than buying a new saddle for the perfect saddle.

Buy a saddle for a purpose

Choosing a saddle is a very difficult question that many ask themselves. It is better not to make a mistake on which type of saddle is adapted for what purpose or uses. For the budget of course, you will spend according to your needs and especially for the horse’s need.

The main role of the saddle is to dispense the weight of the rider on the horse's back and assimilate shocks. A function that the saddle fills up perfectly when well-chosen in relation to the horse. The problem is that once the English saddle no longer replying to one of the multiple criteria of choice, it quickly inflicts suffering to the horse.

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