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Put yourself in the saddle safely, easily and without causing discomfort to the horse: the moment of mounting is apparently a real source of difficulties. For this, Equitack offers branded stools for easy riding. See here on its website the various products offered.

Why use a stool when mounting?

The stool, used primarily to protect the backs of horses, allows the rider to ride without much effort. The person must be able to climb two steps without apprehension to use this riding technique.

The mount is both the stage where you ride, but it is also something you can use to ride more easily. And I will address in this article the fact that everything is important at the time we put in the saddle and it must be done carefully, for several reasons.

Riding on horseback causes damage to the horse's back. The repetition of the gesture is bad for his back, because when we put in the saddle, we pass the foot in the stirrup, we place our hands often on the pommel and cantle, and we sketch a kind of jumping, we s but, as we are not all very supple, we draw with our arms to get up on the saddle, then we spread out gracefully (and heaviness) on the saddle.

And then there, the saddle that inevitably switches to our side comes crashing against the vertebrae of our horse and draw the line of the back to the left. Yes, because in addition we were taught that we always go up to the left, old tradition ... And so our poor horse is found for a moment with all the weight of the rider on the left. So the horse is unbalanced, and must contract the muscles, but unevenly on both sides to keep the balance. It is better to use a stool to avoid tipping the horse. This will also promote your climb.

So, optimize the use of stool before your riding session. This will not only ensure your comfort, but also that of the horse.

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