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Tips to clean up your dirty saddle

Riding is a sport in its own right, with benefits for the body and mind. However, you must have the right posture and the right equipment to fully enjoy this activity. It will follow the advice of your monitor when you ride. You must also clean and maintain your equipment to ensure that they last. Especially your saddle since it will be the tool used to place you on the horse.

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The cleaning of materials is important and must be done regularly. Indeed, after each use you must take the time to remove the different dirt taken during the course. Riding is a physical activity. The saddle is in direct contact with your horse and will also be exposed to sweat. Hence, washing is necessary. The process in general includes cleaning, followed by degreasing, and hydration. You must also tidy up your equipment. For this, choose a dry place. You can also cover it to protect it from dust. Avoid stacking your saddles if you have several at the risk of distorting them.

The cleaning of the saddle

In the first place, you must first remove all other equipment that is attached to the fine used saddles such as stirrup leathers, the strap, etc. The following process will depend on the material composing your material. It can be made with leather or synthetic material. For a saddle in synthetic, you will need a soap or a cleaning product, a sponge, a vacuum cleaner. The moistened sponge will serve you to remove dust. You will then use the soap to clean grease and stains. The vacuum cleaner will be used in case of hair will slip. The saddle leather requires more precaution since this material has a long manufacturing process. For daily maintenance, it is recommended to use only a damp cloth. However, it should take monthly glycerine soap or cleansing milk for a thorough wash. You can then leave to air dry out of the sun. However, you must find out from the seller to avoid mishandling. Indeed, each model can have different specificities.

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